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Make your cooking more enjoyable with Papakit !

Papa Kit is a new project that was born by bringing together the different ideas, experiences and needs belonging to two generations – young adults and their parents. We are a family of 4 adults, parents and children and we believe that TIME, the most precious resource, must be properly valued, regardless of the generation we belong to.

Food is one of the basic needs and, no matter the challenges we face throughout the day, eatting is a must. The feeling of Home doesn’t seem to be completely without the aroma of home-made food. Moreover, not only the ingredients are put in the food you eat, but you also put in yourself, with everything you want to give to your loved ones.

Health means not only What you eat, but also How you eat. We all remember the peace of the family meals, when we were eating delicious food, then joked and shared the experiences of the past day.

Our question is: Is there a moment in your life today?

If the answer is NO, we encourage you to create it. It’s just a decision, and the benefits are immeasurable.

Give your body a daily break of 30-40 minutes, during which time you can cook easily. You will definitely be satisfied. Sit nicely at the table and eat calmly even what you cooked, with dedication and soul.

We help you in making it easier for yourself!

With just one click you get rid of the worry caused by the meals for a day, two or for the whole week. You pamper your loved ones and surprise them with what you know and you can do. You pamper yourself by putting on your plate food prepared with your energy, knowing what intentions you put there. You can also surprise your friends, because we also have Party recipes. The choice is yours!

We know how precious your time is and how little you have left for yourself. We also know that classic recipes have become tiring and you are no longer happy – neither their preparation, nor the tastes that have already become commonplace. So, we prepare a kit or more for you, according to your preferences, with everything you need so that you can cook easily and sparingly right at home. If you’re still wondering, “What am I cooking today?”, Pope Kit is the answer!

Despre noi


Despre noi
I'm Alexandrina, the founder of Papakit, and after 20 years of leading teams of over 100 people, today I dedicate myself to people and supporting healthy eating habits. I cooked with groups of tourists, with children, with adults and I suggest you join me in the kitchen
I am Viorel, Papakit founder, nutrition technician, logistics expert and, at my basis, an engineer. I want to contribute through my experience and knowledge to the good of my peers, offering you balanced food solutions, no matter what food preferences you have.
Hello there! I'm Stefania, the creative director of Papakit. When you're not sure what a recipe sounds like, I make sure the pictures convince you.
Hello! I am Octavian and my goal is to bring Papakit products as close as possible to your needs!
Hello! I am Octavian and my goal is to bring Papakit products as close as possible to your needs!
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